red wine  glass/bottle


big gun x blend (california)  $8.5/$32

canyon road merlot (california)  $7/$25

Bliss cabernet sauvignon (california)  $9/$34

altos del plata malbec (argentina)  $8/$30

crimson pinot noir (california)  $8/$30

white wine  glass/bottle


canyon road chardonnay (california)  $7/$26

stellina di notte pinot grigio (italy)  $8/$30

Bliss sauvignon blanc (california)  $8.5/$32

saint m riesling (washington)  $8/$30

beer on tap


four peaks kiltlifter  $5             blue moon  $5

lagunitas IPA  $5                     vanilla dulce porter  $6

angry orchard  $5         seasonal selection  $6     

beer by the bottle 


bud light  $4 budweiser  $4

coors light  $4 michelob ultra  $4

miller lite  $4 stella artois  $5

corona  $5     corona light  $5

hoegaarden  $5 guiness (can)  $5

oak creek nut brown ale  $5      

dos equis lager  $5       sonoran white chocolate  $5

PBR 16oz can  $3 not your father's root beer  $5



ReBAR's american mule  $9
our signature drink - acai-infused organic vodka, fresh lime, & authentic ginger beer served in our signature glass

dulce vida mexican mule  $9
grapefruit-infused version of the classic mule made with organic tequila

ciroc redberry rapture  $9
refreshing redberry blend w/lime - our #1 drink & low cal too

dreamy creamy orangesicle  $7
our adult version of the 50/50 ice cream bar

berry manilow  $7.5
classic raspberry-lime cocktail w/a twist of pineapple

whiskey lemon smash  $8
subtle bourbon cocktail mixed w/notes of vanilla, lemon & mint

rockin' rum punch  $7.5
wickedly strong with tropical pineapple & coconut flavors

sparkling bliss  $8
hypnotiq & raspberry vodka infusion topped w/champagne

BULL-lini  $8.5
peach-infused vodka cockatil w/tropical mango red bull & a splash of bubbly

strawberries & champagne  $8
a potent strawberry vodka cocktail with a splash of bubbly

q'cumber cooler  $8
organic cucumber spirit w/fresh citrus & fizz

strawberry red chili margarita  $8
fresh lime & organic strawberry mash w/a dash of caliente

group therapy by smirnoff  $25 (shared by two+)
make new friends with this gigantic crowd pleaser

dazed & diffused


fresh vodka infusion of the month  $8.5
made w/fresh fruit, herbs & natural organic ingredients   

bourbon barrel $8.5
aged in-house; notes of seasonal flavors, spices & reductions

mixers & more


coke, diet coke, sprite, sprite zero, lemonade  $2.5  (includes refills)

brewed iced tea  $2.5  (includes refills)

brewed coffee/decaf coffee  $2.5  (includes refills)

juice (oj, cranberry, grapefruit, pineapple)  $3

red bull regular or sugar free (add $2 for mixer of $4 full can) 

authentic ginger beer  (add $2 for mixer of $4 full can) 

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