red wine  glass (8 oz angry pour)/bottle


cr estate merlot (california)  $8/$26

carnivor cabernet sauvignon (california)  $11/$33

kamiak red blend (washington)  $10.5/$32

rascal pinot noir (california)  $9.5/$29

white wine  glass/bottle


cr estate sauvignon blanc (california)  $8/$26

trim chardonnay (california)  $10.5/$32

villa pozzi moscato (italy)  $8.5/$28

santa cristina by antinori pinot grigio (italy)  $10/$30

zonin prosecco (italy)  $8/26

beer on tap  ($6)


four peaks kiltlifter             blue moon

scottsdale blond                featured IPA

spotlight craft         seasonal craft    

beer by the bottle ($3-$5)


angry orchard cider

bud light budweiser

coors light corona

dos equis lager guinness (can)

koffee kolsch (can)

michelob ultra miller lite

mudshark vanlla caramel porter (can)

PBR 16oz (can) stella artois

specialties (served in our signature mason jars)


ReBAR's signature mule  $9.75
44 degree gluten-free, macerated huckleberry-infused vodka, fresh lime & authentic ginger beer served in our signature glass

ciroc redberry rapture  $10
low calorie refreshing redberry blend of vodka muddled w/berries & lime

tito mojito  $10
the classic cocktail w/a twist using our fresh tito’s handmade vodka infusion of the month w/muddled blackberry, fresh lime & mint

bye felicia  $8.5
potent strawberry-vodka cocktail w/fresh lime, a hint of orange topped w/bubbly

deep throat  $9
deep eddy’s grapefruit sourced vodka w/notes of lime & orange topped w/prosecco

berry manilow  $8
classic raspberry-lime cocktail w/a twist of pineapple

the greyson  $11
i.w. harper-infused bourbon w/earl grey tea, fresh lemon, muddled berries & rosemary topped off w/ginger beer

wall street  $10
bulleit rye w/flavors of lemon, grapefruit, orange, rosemary & st germain - our sidecar made w/desire

ginger rogers  $8
gin w/muddled raspberries, fresh citrus, rosemary topped w/ginger ale

samba senorita  $9
grapefruit-infused tequila cocktail w/fresh lime & housemade sweet & sour jalapeño syrup-salted rim

let's have a tiki  $8
wickedly strong rum cocktail w/oj, pineapple & amaretto - our version of a mai tai

ketel botanical q'cumber cooler  $9.5
organic cucumber spirit w/fresh citrus, mint & fizz

tito's handmade vodka infusion of the month  $9
made w/fresh fruit, herbs & natural organic ingredients

group therapy by smirnoff  $26 (shared by two+)
make new friends with this GIGANTIC crowd pleaser - orange & strawberry vodka, banana & peach liquors, & a variety of fresh juices

mixers & more


coke, diet coke, sprite, sprite zero, lemonade  $2.5  (includes refills)

brewed iced tea  $2.5  (includes refills)

brewed coffee/decaf coffee  $2.5  (includes refills)

juice (oj, cranberry, grapefruit, pineapple)  $3

red bull regular or sugar free (add $2 for mixer of $4 full can) 

authentic ginger beer  (add $2 for mixer of $4 full can) 

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